SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is a process of making your website to rank top in Search Engines. At Agog our search engine specialists will help you increase the brand value of your product or organization. Our strategies are effective and UpToDate with the current marketing trends.

The list of SEO services we provide is as follows

SEO Audit:

An SEO audit is analyzing the complete structure of your website before actually starting the process of optimization. The main aspects of Audit will include content curation, URL structure, internal linking, checking Meta Data, Robots file, Sitemap etc.

Keyword Research:

It is the primary task to identify the keywords which are going to bring traffic to your product/organization. It is very important to target the correct audience who are genuinely in search of your product or website. Our SEO experts will choose the keywords based on search volume and competition

Competitive Analysis:

Always be aware of the competitors in the market and their strategies. Our team will provide the complete competitor analysis of your current competitors and develops the better strategy to be in top.

Link Building:

Building random links from different websites is not going to help your website to rank, in fact it is going to ruin your page authority in the long run. Always build the quality links from reputed websites, because Google is smart enough to know which links are relevant and which are not.

Local Search:

Listing your business with the search engines is the most efficient way of getting leads. When a local customer searches for your product you should be able to guide him/her with geographical information and contact details. Our team at Agog will take care of the local listings for your business.

Mobile SEO:

With increasing tech day by day, Google is giving more importance to mobile first indexing. Make sure your website is responsive for all the electronic gadgets (PC, Mobile, Tablet). Out professionals will help you with that and ranks your keywords in all gadgets.