Web Services

Website is the key aspect of any company or product, it is the medium which projects your services & vision with the outside world. As we bring so many users to our website daily through social media, blogs and many other digital marketing tools, we should also consider the design, functionality, UI of our website to look good. At Agog we offer variety of web services to achieve your goals.

UI/UX Design:

Our professional web designers will design your website based on the three important factors Visualization, functionality and Usability. We will design your website in an SEO friendly way so that you can achieve your goals in search engines efficiently.

HTML/CSS Development:

HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) two important elements in any web design which makes your interface looks good. We use latest technologies like HTML 5 and CSS3 to make sure that your website looks good and fast enough to load.

Blog Design:

Blog is nothing but an extension to your website where you can post all the content about your company, you can also get the customer feedback about your company. You can easily upload the content and they have the highest impact on your site’s online presence.

Our expert team can build you a Blog from below resources



Social Media Integration:

Social Media Integration is must to share your website content on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + etc. This type of sharing is helpful for your website to rank better inn search engines. Our designers will make sure that every webpage of site is enabled with the social sharing buttons in the footer.


We believe in long term relationship, our relationship with clients is not going to end by simply designing the websites for them. We also provide website maintenance like suggesting marketing strategies, additional page building etc. We not only provide this service to our existing clients but also to our new clients